Baseball Q&A with our Director of Operations

Luis Pablo Gallegos is no stranger to the world of baseball. Our Director of Operations shares a passion with his family around the LA Dodgers baseball team. Walk up to him and you’ll be talking for hours and hours if you bring up one of baseball’s oldest brands.

We picked his brain on what the arrival of the Chihuahuas mean for the local baseball scene.

How important is the image of a mascot to the success of a baseball team?

At the end of the day, if the team does well and they put on a good show, the mascot could become insignificant. But during start up it is very important .It’s important that the fans identify with the team, the biggest link is the mascot and it should represent the city and the fans. I feel the owners could have taken in to consideration the feedback from the fans.

Do you think there could have been a better mascot for El Paso’s first triple AAA team?

Definitely, considering the history with the missions and the fact that the team is a farm team for the Padres, they could have gone with Missions or Fryers. Maybe a nod to El Paso baseball past with Sun Devils.

Will you be supporting El Paso’s baseball team? Why or why not?

I will definitely be supporting the team. Triple A is one step below the majors, we have an opportunity to see some great baseball and put El Paso on the national sports scene. Every El Pasoan needs to support this team, whether they agree with the mascot or not.