‘Chihuahuas Unveiled’: What does it mean for El Paso?

Have the marketing minds behind the El Paso Chihuahuas hit a home run or struck out with the unveiling of a new brand in the Sun City?

On Tuesday, October 22, the official mascot and team name of our city’s first Triple-A baseball was announced and met with mixed reviews. Hundreds gathered for the official press event where the logo and mascot were revealed, but it was on social media where El Pasoan’s let ‘the dog’ out.



At H.G. Arias, we take care of our brand. Over the summer, we revamped who we were online and on our social media channels. So we got to thinking: what went into the Chihuahuas’ brand? Here’s a sneak peek at what goes into the birthing a brand into the Sun City.



So what do you think? Are you a fan of the new team name and mascot?