Group debuts brand revamp, new online image

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 12.41.49 PM

H. G. Arias & Associates recently completed a rebranding journey that encompasses their identity as a business, their social media presence and website.

“The El Paso business scene changes every day and we need to keep up,” said Hugo Rojo, public relations and sales specialist. “We are shifting to being ‘people oriented’ and enhancing the city’s workforce.”

Rojo has worked closely with the business’ leadership to develop a cohesive brand that spans across a new website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Deep blues tie their brand together and inspire professionalism throughout their office.

“Our audiences are online and we need to cater to them,” added Rojo. “Chances are that our next promising candidates will have seen the job posting on Facebook.”

H.G. Arias & Associates is introducing a new website that keeps online guests in mind. With featured jobs and job seeker tips buttons present in every page, the business hopes to catch visitors’ attention and motivate them to apply.